7 Things Not to Miss at This Year’s Dance Marathon

  1. Live Performances

Whether it’s rocking out with The Indigos, breaking it down with Controlled Chaos, or feeling like you’re in the middle of “Pitch Perfect” with Pitches and Tones and the Songburghs, PDM’s live performances are sure to please.


  1. Face Painting

What better way to show your FTK spirit than by channeling your own inner kid and sporting some spectacular face paint that a younger you would be jealous of.


  1. Disney Hour

Be our guest, let it go, and paint with all the colors of the wind during this magically enchanting music hour from 1-2 PM.


  1. Giant Pong Tournament

Ever wonder what pong would look like to an ant? Even if you haven’t you can experience it yourself here while showing off your superior pong skills. Plus, if you finish in the top three, you’ll earn points for your color wars team!


  1. Athlete Pep Rally

Let Pitt’s very own student athletes pump you up with their non-stop dream chasing, no-sitting grind to support our Champions at the Children’s Hospital.


  1. Dare Table

Everyone has that one friend that they’d love to see do something crazy, embarrassing, or both! Well now’s your chance. For various donation amounts you can give that special someone a dare of your choice and unless they can match the donation they HAVE to do it. You’ll definitely want to have your money AND cameras ready for this one!


  1. Family Speakers

Take some time to appreciate what your participation in Pitt Dance Marathon truly means to the kids and families who are treated at Children’s every day. This is your chance to listen to their inspirational stories and hear how your generosity is inspiring hope and saving lives.

Want to donate to our cause? Click here now!

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