Stories and Photos from a Few PDM Alum!

On this page, we have collected just a few of the many many photos and stories from some of our PDM Alum in the past few years!

Leah Kelly

Graduated from Pitt in 2019

“My why is because I believe every kid deserves to be a Panther. My why is because I was blessed with a healthy and safe childhood and want every kid to have the same chance. My why is because I found my family in PDM and couldn’t imagine my life without them.”

Julianne Kingsley

Graduated from Pitt in 2018

My favorite PDM memory was being able to run around and dance with Jimmy, one of the patients from children’s, and pushing him around on a scooter through the Union.

Allyson Wiker

Graduated from Pitt in 2020

Meeting the miracle kids and hearing their stories also plays a huge role in why I Hail 2 Kids because of how strong and brave they are through the challenges they face. Having the opportunity to help the kids and their families and celebrate with them along the way is the most impactful part of being involved in PDM.

Kaitlyn Sweeney

Graduated from Pitt in 2020

“One memory that sticks out a little more than the rest was walking with Gabriel in the 2019 Fashion Show. Not only did we have a fun time walking on stage, but we also got to spend time with Gabriel and learn about some of his favorite things. The highlight of the night was when Gabriel gave some advice that I’ll never forget. When he was discussing his time in the hospital he said that something that always helped him through the difficult times was to remember all of the positive memories with his friends and family because remaining positive even through challenges was extremely important.


Abby Ohl

Graduated from Pitt in 2020

One of my favorite PDM memories was visiting the hospital on halloween. He led me all around the waiting room, climbing over chairs and tables, directing me on how and where to pose. Watching him forget about being at the doctors even for a while, reminds me of why we Hail to Kids!


Emily Bernot

Graduated from Pitt in 2020

I am proud to support this organization now as an alumni because dance marathon isn’t something you did, it’s something you do. Hail 2 Pitt and Hail 2 Kids!


Nicole Dash

Graduated from Pitt in 2020

My favorite memory with PDM occurred at the PDM 2020 Fashion Show. We went on stage and performed our super cool new handshake we had created for the audience. After we got off stage he looked at me with a giant grin on his face and said that was “so cool!


Jen Weber

Graduated from Pitt in 2020

During my four years with PDM, I was a part of so many unforgettable moments – from incredibly heartbreaking to unbelievably inspiring. During the PDM 2019-2020 year, we had some of our Miracle Kids visit campus to film a video with us. One of those kids was Faith, who was one of my campers the previous summer when I was a camp counselor at CHP’s Dr. Bill Neches Heart Camp for Kids. I walked into the ground floor of Cathy holding Faith’s hand and as we passed through the hallway she said “it smells like the Children’s Hospital in here.” This was one of many times a Miracle Kid left me speechless. No child should be familiar enough with the inside of a hospital to be reminded of it so easily.