Fundraising Tips!

Are you a PDM Alum looking to raise money for the current PDM year but don’t know how to effectively do that now that you’re no longer a student? Have no fear! We will be putting together a variety of ways in which you can reach out to your different communities in order to reach your goal!

How To Thank Your Donors

Have you received a donation but don’t exactly know how to thank your donors? Below are templates to use to reach out to your loved ones and ask for donations! Feel free to personalize these messages, use them in your Facebook birthday fundraisers, and reach out to family and friends individually!

Facebook Post

Hey ______! 
As a proud Pitt alum, I was involved with Pitt Dance Marathon. PDM is a yearlong effort to raise funds and awareness for UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh (CHP) supported by thousands of Pitt students and the Pittsburgh community that culminates into a 12-hour dance marathon during the spring semester. Help us make a difference in the community! Every dollar raised will be given to CHP to help provide the highest quality of care to its patients. A donation can help support the art or music therapy programs for the Miracle Kids or provide coffee services for families. Join us in the fight for a brighter tomorrow. Donate Here: 


Hi friends!
As some of you may know, I was involved with Pitt Dance Marathon during my years at Pitt and loved every single second of it! PDM’s mission is to raise money and awareness throughout the academic year for UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. On March 20, 2021, my beloved members of PDM, as well as other members of the community, will come together for a 12-hour dance marathon to celebrate all their hard work. I want to continue to support this fantastic organization as an alum. So, I ask if you are you’d like to, to donate to this amazing cause! Each donation will be used solely for the benefit of the hospital whether it is to support the art and music therapy programs or to provide more resources for patients and their families. Join me and PDM in strengthening the futures of our children!
You can donate to the link below:
*insert donor drive link*

Text Message

Hey _____! When I was at Pitt, I participated in Pitt Dance Marathon which raises money for UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. I do not want my involvement in the organization to end post-grad! So, I was wondering if you’d consider joining the movement with students, alumni, and the community as we raise money for the Miracle Kids and their families. Donate here DONOR DRIVE LINK


Hi friend! Hope you’re doing well:) 
As you may know, I was part of Pitt Dance Marathon during my years at Pitt. It was an organization dedicated to raising money and awareness for pediatric cancer, benefitting UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. How awesome is that! I want to continue being a part of this club as an alumnus and am asking if you would also like to take part in the movement alongside others in the Pittsburgh community. Our goal is to raise as much money we can for the kids of Children’s so that they can have many more tomorrow’s! Feel free to donate here: *insert donor drive link*