Need Inspiration?

Below are 30 ways to fundraise! These may not work for everyone, but they work great as a springboard into greater, more in depth and original ways you can raise money! Our board members use these every day and find that they are some of the easiest tips when trying to raise as much money as possible!

  • Ask for donations for holiday and/or birthday presents
  • Babysit and donate part of your earnings (or all)

  • Ask your aunts/uncles/cousins/grandparents/etc.

  • Do your friends’ laundry for donations

  • Post on Facebook with the link to your donor drive, along with the story of why you dance and participate in PDM! The more emotional the better!

  • Run errands for friends in exchange for donations

  • Donate $1 to your donor drive every day or $10 per month (or whatever you want, how often you want!)

  • Post an embarrassing picture on social media for each donation you receive

  • Ask for donations in your GroupMe’s

  • Send out an email to friends, family, neighbors, your place of worship, etc. explaining your WHY behind participating in PDM and ask for donations


  • Participate in a research study and donate the money to your donor drive (

  • Offer to buy a friend’s coffee for a donation

  • Sell your books and donate the money to your donor drive

  • Put out a jar/can and have people put spare change into it

  • Write letters to businesses and clubs in your hometown explaining the cause and asking for donations

  • Spend a month and put all your change aside; at the end of the month, donate it to your donor drive!

  • Tweet and promise for every retweet you get, you’ll donate $1 to your donor drive!

  • Randomly charge friends $1 on venmo and explain that it’s going to the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh-- chances are they won’t deny the charge!

  • Participate in #TwentyDollarTuesday and ask friends to help you raise $20 every Tuesday until the day of dance marathon by calling them out/tagging them in social media posts!

  • Skip getting coffee for a week and donate the money you would have spent into your donor drive.

  • Bake cookies/brownies/cake/bread in exchange for donations

  • Tutor for a class and donate that money to your donor drive

  • Personalize your donor drive goal so that it shows you thought about why you’re doing this rather than just doing it because you have to.

  • Shovel driveways over winter break and donate the money earned to your donor drive

  • Shave your head/dye your hair when you raise a certain amount of money\

  • Ask old high school teachers/college professors to donate.

  • If you’re good at photography, take pictures for people for a small fee

  • If you’re crafty, make crafts and sell them to friends and family then donate the money to your donor drive.

  • Offer to clean a friends room for a donation

Social Media Fundraising

There are a ton of great ways that you can utilize social media to raise some extra cash towards your Donor Drive! However, sometimes it can get pretty old just posting a link and hoping someone will donate after seeing it 5 times a month. This year, we challenged people to think outside of the box with their social media campaigning. One great success was a Venmo Bingo challenge. Below, you'll see a general "Bingo Board". Use this in your stories on social media, encouraging people to donate the amounts and then add their names over the amount they donated/venmoed. Like competitions? Encourage your friends to participate and see who can fill their board the fastest!

Specific Goal?

If there's a specific goal you'd like to reach, whether it be $10, $50, or $200, use this roadmap to $50 to help you on your fundraising journey!

If you have any questions or concerns, email our Finance Director at