Pitt Dance Marathon would like to invite you to consider hosting an event at your school!

What is a Mini-Dance Marathon?

Mini-Dance Marathons (Mini-DMs) that partner with us are school-sponsored events in 9-12 schools that benefit PDM and our beneficiary, the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. With the help of school personnel, students are able to plan their own dance marathon, which includes deciding its duration and creating its structure.

Who plans a Mini-DM?

Any group of motivated students within the school have the ability to plan a dance marathon. Commonly, student groups such as Student Council, Key Club, or National Honors Society are the force behind Mini-DMs. Sometimes an activities director, counselor, teacher, or Parent-Teacher Organization will act as the advisor to the students and be in continual contact with PDM and Children’s Miracle Network. PDM will act as an outside advisory for your school and will provide guidance as needed. PDM will also provide college student interaction with your students and help to raise awareness at your event.

How can my school raise money for a Mini-DM?

The fundraising ideas can be generated by the students to best accommodate the atmosphere of the school itself. The PDM Board will assist with brainstorming and coordinating different fundraisers as well. Some fundraising ideas that have been successful in the past include Penny Wars, selling carnations or candy grams, Pie Your Teacher, bake sales, pancake breakfasts, restaurant nights, student-vs-teacher tournaments, car washes, color runs, and many more. Some ideas work better for one school over another so find what is best for the students at your school. Fundraising events should be planned all school-year long leading up to the Dance Marathon event itself. If you cannot host a Mini-DM at your school, any fundraiser benefiting PDM is greatly appreciated.

Why should my school host a Mini-DM? 

The opportunity to host a Mini-DM in partnership with PDM allows students to learn the importance of volunteering, philanthropy, and supporting the families and children at their local Children’s Hospital. Hosting an event will allow students to gain valuable leadership skills that they will need in the years to come. Additionally, this is a unique chance for students of all ages to work closely with University of Pittsburgh students for an incredible cause.

How do I get my school involved?

If you are interested in hosting a Mini Dance Marathon and/or a fundraising event to benefit PDM, please contact our Marathon Relations Chair,Taylor Brooks, at pdm.marathonrelations@gmail.com with the following information:




School Name

School Address

What your school is interested in planning (DM or fundraiser)

Any ideas you have that you’d like to implement