Joining the morale team is the perfect way to get involved with PDM if you have a love for dance. The morale team is the group of people that teach everyone the morale dance at PDM and help motivate all of the dancers. As a member of the morale team, you will also have the opportunity to perform flash mobs, meet new people, and be the leader of a PDM color wars team! This unique experience is one you do not want to miss out on! Applications to join the morale team are currently closed.

Benefits of being on the Morale Team include:

-free food for the duration of the dance marathon

-being one of the first people to learn our morale dance

-leading the morale dance every hour on the hour at PDM

-hanging out with kids from the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC

-a free PDM morale team t-shirt


"My favorite part of the morale team is that you get to motivate others to dance and have a great time, all for a great cause."

-Eric, Morale Team Co-Director


"For me, the best part of being on the morale team was the flash mob, surprisingly. Not only did it bring more awareness to the event, but it was also a lot of fun!"

- Kat, Morale Team Co-Director


Have questions about joining the morale team? Contact us at