The morale team motivates students to register for PDM throughout the year by performing several flash mobs around campus. During the event, the team performs a morale dance to begin each hour. They also motivate the dancers and dreamers to keep dancing throughout the event. Meet our Morale Team below and look out for their faces as you walk around campus and at all of our events!

Alexis Abramson

Evan Aravich

Elisabeth Ashmore

Emily Bernot

Deja Bulluck

Alicia Dawdani

sam diazSamantha Diaz

Isabella Esposito

Stephanie Fox

Josh Gertler

Eliza Luxbacher

Noah Manalo

Dana Morris

Taylor Penird

Brooke Pantano

Melinda Rosen

Madi Shaftic

Morale- NehaNeha Shah

Britney Stottlemyer

Sunita Win

Chloe Yoder

Questions about the morale team? Contact our Morale Team Directors at!