Our Executive Board

Julianna Keith



Katelyn Fetzer

Executive Secretary 


Zack Benning

 Director of Finance


Emma Kappler

Director of Marketing Relations


Giavanna Gulino

Director of Membership


Alex Houldeshell

Director of Operations


Emily Cooper

Director of Programming


Alyssa Berry

Director of Recruitment


Our Staff

Finance Panel

Finance Panel is all about money. They oversee Data Analytics, which is responsible for maintaining our budget and tracking the amount of money Pitt Dance Marathon has raised. This panel is also responsible for planning meals and asking for food donations from various eateries in the Pittsburgh area for events that occur throughout the year! Finance is also vital in terms of raising money through various means such as canning, fundraisers, and sponsorships. 

Ashley Wertz

Canning Chair

Brendan Sweeney

Data Analytics Chair

Justin Torhan

Donations Chair

Julianna Braun

Fundraising Chair

Taylor Brooks

Sponsorship Chair

Panel Members

Allie Carter, Ally Smith, Ashely Wertz, Rachel Romano, Emma Krapels, Jaime Ely, Kaitlyn Weaving, Kayla Tai, Maddie Fox, Melanie Flexner

Marketing Relations Panel

Marketing Relations is responsible for the brand, image, and advertisement of Pitt Dance Marathon. Marketing Relations deals with everything from how to talk about PDM appealingly to how the community and donors see PDM. This can be done through graphic designs such as bingo boards for fundraising; merchandise such as T-shirts, crewnecks, and stickers; marketing through the annual campaign and monthly campaigns; tabling events around campus; and the promotion of PDM in the Pitt Community and Pittsburgh region through radio/TV interviews. They are also the photographers and videographers for day of DM. They work all year long to create new ways of promoting Pitt Dance Marathon to make it as appealing and effective as possible to the Pitt campus and beyond.

Anna Jacobs

Graphic Design Chair

Barkha Patel

Public Relations Chair

Molly Hayden

Merchandise Chair

Rainier Acierto

Social Media Chair

Katie Miller

Multimedia Chair

Panel Members

Elena Burek, Taylor Siegfried, Lauren Mallaber, Taylor McVay,  Anna Jacobs, Grace Morrow, Mary Burke, Molly Hayden, Sarah McAuliffe

Membership Panel

Membership Panel oversees all Pitt Dance Marathon Staff and is the main source for any questions or concerns about what is expected as a Staff member. In addition to making sure Staff members are fulfilling the minimum requirements necessary, Membership panel helps facilitate Staff bonding through fun activities and socials. Membership Panel also connects with our alumni (Pitt Dance Marathon alumni and general Pitt alumni) to keep them involved with this amazing organization. Finally, the newest position to PDM, falls under Membership. The Stewardship position is meant to increase recognition of PDM’s donors, sponsors, participants, and staff! 

Bre Smith

Alumni Relations Chair

Tom Deakin

Member Development Chair

Julianna Braun

Stewardship Chair

Panel Members

Ellie Pinto, Chelsea Riechelson, Gibby Hribal, Grace Pizzuti, Will Minnick, Bre Smith, Carlye Zuckerman, Riley Stitch, Tayor Roche

Operations Panel

Operations Panel is in charge of everything happening on the day of our Dance Marathon (DM). They oversee the Master of Ceremonies (MC), who plans and writes a script for DM; all the Color War activities, which are games and competitions between participants; the Morale Team, who helps choreograph and lead participants in the Morale Dance; and all other forms of entertainment that will be available the day of DM.

Entertainment Chairs

 Madelynn Lederer

Caitlyn O'Hara

Liv Lambert

Master of Ceremonies Chair

Morale Chairs

Amelia Giacobetti

Julia Schwartz 

Panel Members

Meghana Akula, Teresa Anderson, Bailey Bower, Maeve Buchanan, Sarah Fishbein, Alex Houdeshell, Emma Knaub, Gill Nanni, Elena Liberto, Kaitlin Phillips, Paz Quinones,  Brendan Sweeney, Delaney Wright, Danielle Malizio, Ananya Pabbathi, Madelyn Lederer, 

Programming Panel

Programming Panel helps Pitt Dance Marathon Staff and participants connect with Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and our Miracle Kids. They do so by hosting Special Events, such as a Fall Carnival, Kickball Tournament, or Trivia Night, to help raise money and awareness for Children’s Hospital. They also make relationships with the hospital and the Miracle Kids that have been treated there. They work to expand Pitt Dance Marathon’s mission to different schools (both high schools and universities) by helping those schools start their own dance marathon to raise money for Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.

 Jordan Head

Marathon Relations Chair

Special Events Chairs

Kylie Wertz

Tejis Ranganath


Panel Members

Kyra Goldstein, Katie Miller, Elise Palatine, Kylie Wertz, Alexis Zito, Brinn Mancuso, Caitlyn O'Hara, Colleen Gieringer, Erin Alpaugh, Isabella Balint, Josh Gailey, Michaela Saporito, Ning Bucolo

Recruitment Panel

Recruitment Panel focuses on recruiting Pitt students, clubs, and organizations to join our movement and participate in Pitt Dance Marathon. They spend their time talking to Greek and non-Greek clubs and organizations about what Pitt Dance Marathon is and what our mission is, in an effort to get those clubs and organizations to register and raise money for Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. They are also responsible for maintaining contact with those registered teams and encourage them in their fundraising efforts.

Carlye Zuckerman

Campus Engagement Chair

Delaney Wright

Dancer Relations Chair

Abby Filitsky

Greek Relations Chair


Panel Members

Kasen Prescott, Genna Prutting, Anika Wagner, Amanda Goss, Amanda Davis, Antara Kulkarni, Courtney Dennis, Kiana Sechler, Lauryn Feinstein, Madalyn Jenkins, Matthew Hickey