Every dollar counts. That is why we have started the Pay It Forward Campaign.

Whether you can spare one dollar or one hundred dollars, pay it forward to a friend who you needs help reaching their fundraising goal!


It is not always easy to ask for money, even if it is for a good cause. So, instead of asking friends for money today, Pay It Forward by donating to a friend's donor drive. Once you have donated, post the "Pay It Forward" campaign picture to their Facebook page to let them know that you have decided to pay it forward, and challenge them to do the same. Even a dollar can cause a chain reaction.


Instructions: Post this picture with the following script to anyone’s social media page, whether it be Facebook or Twitter, and donate at least $1 to that person’s donor drive and tell them to share the love and pay it forward to someone else!

Script: PDM pays it forward! I chose to pay it forward today by donating money to your donor drive in support of Children's Miracle Network. I challenge you to post this picture to someone else’s page and continue the giving! #PDMPaysItForward

Want to pay it forward to someone, but they aren't participating in PDM? Make a donation in their name instead.