PDM 2021-22: We Dreamed it to Reality

Mission accomplished! We dreamed bigger till we reached beyond our dreams and touched the stars. Funny story actually, we did not think we will reach our goal this year of $350k because it was as we say too optimistic. However, Pitt Dance Marathon Student Organization officially annouces the end of PDM 2021-2022, with proud achievement of raising over $366k for the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. So what is the valuable lesson of this year?…DREAM BIGGER kiddos, because miracles are already unveiling before you know it.

We want to thank our sponsors, donors, businesses, participants, CMN/CHP, staff, and most importantly our Miracle Kiddos. Thank you to Pitt for supporting us on this exhilarating journey. We hope for more dreams to come for those who strive big! Until next year, stay safe and continuing dreaming! 

Hail to Kids!

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