Quick PDM Fundraising Tips

We’re less than 2 months away from the big day, and many of you may be wondering how to raise your fundraising minimums. DON’T PANIC!


Fundraising is easy, and the minimum goals we set are very easy to reach. Below we have listed a few fundraising tips to help you in your campaign.

  1. Use Donor Drive
    • Donor Drive is an extremely powerful resource for fundraising. If you do it correctly, you may never have to leave your room to get the money you need. Here are some examples of things to do:
      • Personalize your Donor Drive page
      • Send out your Donor Drive link on Social Media
      • Email your fundraising page to Friends and Family indivdually
      • Message your friends and family via text or facebook messenger
  2. Ask people personally
    • Very few people will donate to a cause if they don’t feel a connection to it. Simple Facebook or Twitter posts won’t bring in hundreds of dollars. You need to ask the people you know personally. The people you ask may not have a personal connection to PDM or Chidren’s, but they have one with YOU! Make them understand how important the cause is to you, and the donations will start coming in.
  3. Ask people AGAIN
    • If at first you don’t succeed, try again! People may not intentionally ignore your donation requests, but they are busy and may need a reminder. Make sure to follow up on people a few days after they promised to donate.
  4. Go Canning
    • Pittsburgh is a city full of people who know and love the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. Bring you and your friends to sporting events or concerts to ask for donations. Always make sure to follow the rules and laws set down by the city and the venues, and keep warm and safe.
  5. Make your own fundraiser
    • Who says you can’t go out and make your own fundraiser? Simple things like offering to do a friend’s laundry, holding a bake sale, and shoveling a neighbors sidewalk can all help you get closer to your fundraising goal.
  6. Save just $10 a week
    • By saving just $10 a week from now until PDM, you will have saved up $70 for your cause. That’s nearly half of the minimum fundraising goal!

These are just a few of the ways you can make your fundraising more successful, but there are many more opportunities. So don’t give up, and if you’re worried about reaching your goal we’re just an email away.


For the Kids,

PDM Team

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