Only 22 Days Left! Start fundraising today!!!


 Hello Dancers and Dreamers!

 The dance marathon is only 22 days away! Since the big day is fast approaching I wanted to reach out to you today to help you get started on your fundraising. My goal is to ensure that by day's end there are ZERO people with zero dollars in their Donor Drive!!!


I know getting started can be difficult, so here are some ideas that I have found work for me:

  • Share your Donor Drive link on your social media
  • Contact family and friends! 
    • Directly email or Facebook message them with your donor drive link and share why you think PDM and Children's Hospital is such a worthy cause to support.
  • Skip your coffee break today and donate that $5 you would have spent!
  • Request a dollar from 5 different friends on Venmo (or in person) to go towards your fundraising goal!

The deadline to reach your fundraising goal is April 5th. Don't forget: dancers are required to raise a minimum of $250 and dreamers are required to raise a minimum of $200. If you don’t reach these minimums, you will not receive a t-shirt, you will not be served meals at the dance marathon, and you will not be on a color wars team. I want you to get the most out of your PDM experience so please get started fundraising today!



 Helen Ly, Dancer/Dreamer Relations Director


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