Push Day: Up, Up, and Away to 50k

With our Dreaming Bigger campaign, Pitt Dance Marathon is flying Up, Up, and Away to 50K! From February 23rd to 24th, we are holding our Spring Push Day! The event kickoffs at 12 pm in the WPU on the 23rd. Be sure to come to check us out and show some love! 

  • What is a Push Day?
    • Glad you asked! Push Day is an event, targeted to fundraise money in the allotted time given (in this case 36 hours)!
  • Where is the money going?
    • Pitt Dance Marathon in coordination with Children’s Miracle Network fundraises money for The Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. You can read more about PDM, CHP, and CMN below!
  • What is the schedule?
    • Schdule is posted below!
  • How can you Participate? 
    • Ask family, friends, and professors for donation
    • Go to the Moe’s Fundraiser on Feb 23rd
    • Register a friend or a team
    • Go canning 
    • Visit us at the WPU
    • Put your donor drive up on Facebook Fundraise!
    • Post Bingo Boards and Challenge Cards 
      • Pick your favorite bingo board here or scroll down below
      • If you are part of Greek life, find your cards here
      • Post them on your Insta, Facebook, wherever you like
      • Plug in your Venmo, Cashapp, Paypal or even link your donor drive
    • Spread the word of PDM!!!
  • FAQ
    • Linked here is a sheet that answers more questions!
    • Feel free to contact anyone below:
      • Marketing: pdm.marketing@pitt.edu
      • Finance: pdm.finance@pitt.edu
      • Website editor: bap112@pitt.edu

More Tips, go to our 2021-22 Fundraising Packet!

Find more cards here!

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