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7 Things Not to Miss at This Year’s Dance Marathon

Live PerformancesWhether it’s rocking out with The Indigos, breaking it down with Controlled Chaos, or feeling like you’re in the middle of “Pitch Perfect” with Pitches and Tones and the Songburghs, PDM’s live performances are sure to please.  Face PaintingWhat better way to show your FTK spirit than by channeling your own inner kid and sporting some spectacular face paint… Read more →

Spring Break Fundraising!

With spring break already well underway, we thought we’d give you some ideas to make the most out of this time off!Check out our Spring Break Fundraising Guide and find out the best ways for you to make your week off a productive one!  Still need to register? Click here now! Read more →

Time to Shop!

In need of some new PDM gear? Well, now you can shop ’til you drop FTK!Click here to pre-order our merchandise! The order form closes on January 27th, so get your orders in as soon as possible! All payments will be made in person after time of order. PDM staff will send you an email to set up a time to make… Read more →

100 Days Until the Dance Marathon!!!

Today is officially 100 days until the dance marathon! In celebration, we have created even more ways for you to fundraise! Check out our 100 Ways to Raise $100 spreadsheet and see how many of these fundraising tips you can utilize over the next 100 days. Each tip allows for the possibility for you to raise $100. Fundraising has never been so easy! Get… Read more →

Dance Marathon Leadership Conference

This weekend, student leaders from Pitt Dance Marathon travelled to Columbus, Ohio for this year’s Dance Marathon Leadership Conference. The conference included a variety of events, aimed at both teaching student leaders how to improve their campus’s dance marathon and at recognizing Dance Marathons from across the nation for their achievements. During DMLC, we received an award for Best Special… Read more →

10kPushDay was a Success!

We did it! PDM planned its first ever Push Day, where we set a goal of raising $10,000 in just 24 hours. That 24 hours occurred starting yesterday at 10 AM and ending this morning at 10 AM. Our efforts were incredibly successful, raising the full $10,000 in just about 6.5 hours and after 24 hours, a grad total of… Read more →

Ready, Set, Register!

It’s time to register if you haven’t already! Right now, PDM has 409 participants registered and ready to raise money for the kids at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. Our top fundraisers currently are Mara Wearden, Meghan Bayer, and Cheyenne Buntain (shout out to these three!), but there’s plenty of time left to catch up to them. Last year approximately 570 students… Read more →