Fighting For The Next

We asked college students to write a letter to their childhood selves knowing what they know now. Read below to hear what they had to say.

We are this Generation Fighting For the Next...

Evan fights so that all kids can enjoy playing sports. His favorite activity growing up was playing lacrosse. Playing sports is an experience he will never forget and one that he hopes all kids get to have. Donate today to make sure all kids have the chance to spend their days playing sports with friends. 

Lacrosse Practice

Haleigh fights so that all kids get to spend their summers at the beach without a care in the world. All kids deserve a chance to just be kids. Donate today to make sure all kids get to enjoy their summer vacations outdoors.


Alex fights to help kids explore the world beyond the hospital walls. He believes that all kids deserve the chance to go on a grand adventure like the one he got to go on. Exploring the world is a privilege not all kids get, but if we fight together we can help give more kids the opportunity. Donate today to help get kids out of the hospital and off to their next grand adventure.

Grand Adventure

Helen fights so that all families get to spend as much quality time together as possible. Donate today to make sure all kids spend their nights at home playing board games instead of bored in a hospital room.

United Family

Matt fights for the next graduation because he knows that not all kids have the same opportunities he has had. Donate today to make sure all kids get to spend their school days studying for their next spelling test instead of worrying about their next blood test. 


Growing up, Leah's favorite memory was going on camping trips with her family. Laying under the stars and eating s'mores was always the highlight of her summer. Donate today to make sure every kid gets the chance to spend their summers in camping tents instead of hospital beds.

Camping Trip

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